Work Started but Not Really

Hello Hello~! Life has been strange lately because work started, but not really. We had our Entrance Ceremony day for school on the April 8th but because of the Coronovirus, students end up not attending the ceremony. So the day ended up jut being another teacher work day. There wasn’t much for me to do at the school so I just ended up casually chatting with some of the teachers and found a few projects for myself while the other teachers were busy working on their own. My next work day isn’t until April 15 at the elementary school so, it feels like another “first work day” because it’ll be my first time going to the school as an ordinary work day. With that said, it’s not so ordinary because there will be no students! Apparently students won’t be starting school until after Golden Week, which is in May. I’m the kind of person who likes to know what I’m waking up to each day so I’m mildly stressed that I won’t know what an ordinary work day would look like for me until May. But I reminded myself that this isn’t supposed to be easy and I came here looking to challenge myself anyways. Surprisingly, by telling myself that things are supposed to be hard, it makes things less hard.

They put my name on the shoe locker and added a welcome note. It was really cute! ?

During my free time lately, I’ve just been playing on my sister’s guitarlele and listening to music. I also spend a lot of time chatting with friends online, especially the ones I made through my Kpop Twitter account. It’s been a lot of fun on there and I’ve surprisingly met a few people that I really connect with, young and old. It’s quite eye opening to actually talk to people from different places of the world! And of course, even though we connect through loving the same Kpop groups, we also end up talking about other things outside of that like languages, work, school, music, food, etc. I’ve been really happy making friends on there. I know not all good things last forever, so I’ll cherish my fun there as long as I can.

Coming home to pretty flowers on my ‘first day’ of work

Aside from my alone time, whenever I’m around with my sister things start to become about food and flowers. I’ve always loved flowers, but I never really bothered with the hassle of grooming them or properly changing the water out. However, with my sister we’ve been enjoying getting different types of flowers to decorate the house.

My sister also enjoys cooking a lot. Which has also inspired me to try step up my game as well. Every weekend so far we’ve been having French Toasts. My sister definitely makes the best French Toasts.

French Toast by sister

It’s kinda weird how quickly my sister and I adapted to living with each other. Although it’s our first time living together as an adult, I guess we’ve always shared rooms growing up. It’s been a lot of fun too because my sister is pretty much my best friend and the person I feel the most comfortable with. I’m glad that at least one portion of my adult life I get to spend it living with her.

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