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ACNL: Curse of The Roost

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Something funky and mildly annoying is going on with The Roost in Hoshido. When I finally unlocked The Roost and set it up for construction, the next morning we have a new animal move in.. RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT…

Darn you Penelope

Welcome to Hoshido, Penelope?? I’m open for all animals to town, cute, ugly, mean, nice, whatever, but when you’re blocking thew view of my highly anticipated cafe, I really don’t know how to feel. I tried my best to ignore her every time I see her wondering around. I guess the fact that she wasn’t really an animal I’d care for to begin with helps.. lol. Finally after a month or so, Penelope pinged me and told me she’s ‘unfortunately’ moving out of Hoshido (oh,thank god). The Roost was finally free! …….. the view for a good few weeks or so..

Then today………

WHO ARE YOU? Are you Penelope’s Evil Twin? Wait, we can cut the Evil part out of that line cuz we already know Penelope is evil. >:( I should have been safe and put down patterns on the floor so no animals moves in right in front of the Cafe… When I finally get this evil animal out of Hoshido, that is going to be the first thing I do…

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