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Allow me to introduce you to iKON, a South Korean septet boyband from YG Entertainment who debuted in 2015. It’s been a while since I fangirled over a boyband to this extreme and probably my first time fangirling over a boyband that all the members are younger than me. I always like to hear stories of when other fans got into their group so here I am sharing my iKONIC love scenario. It’s going to be a long one so, brace yourself.

How It Started

I’ve heard of iKON before in the past with their song MY TYPE but I never really looked into them as an artist. In late 2017, my friend Dana got me into this mobile rhythm game called BeatEVO YG, which featured songs from artists under YG Entertainment. Then I noticed MY TYPE was in the game and I was like “Oh! I didn’t realize that iKON was from the same agency as BIG BANG”. Thanks to the game, I got to learn more of iKON’s discography.

Then one faithful morning on January 25, 2018, I decided to check YouTube first thing in the morning. I saw a song named LOVE SCENARIO by iKON on my recommendations so checked it out. Honestly, the moment I heard this song I was hooked. Something about the song sounds very familiar to the ear but at the same time, different? I got pretty excited and wondered how old the song was so I scrolled down to check when it was uploaded and guess what, it was uploaded only a few hours ago. Oh hello there, happy B-DAY to me ?!? I don’t care what anyone says but this song was a gift from iKON for my 26th birthday.

Becoming iKONIC

I started to get more curious about them as a group ever since they dropped a song on my birthday so I did research. There were some rumours about the leader of the group, B.I being a Jerk to the maknae, Chanwoo and bullying him. And also other rumours on how they’re a ‘flop yg group’ but I personally liked their music and really enjoyed their chemistry as a group. Before I knew it, I saw all of their pre-debut survival shows (WIN and MIX & MATCH), music show appearances, saw all their music videos, learned their names, and got caught up with iKON TV. 

By March of 2018, I was pretty obsessed with iKONtent but I was too shy to publicly express my newly discovered obsession. In KPOP, fans call obsessing over a group “stan”-ing a group so I guess, by March 2018, I started stanning iKON and officially considered myself an iKONIC. Welcome Back to the fangirl life Wilda, Long Time No See.

It was honestly scary getting into a fandom where haters are just around the corner. But I thought it would be great to watch them grow from immature children to respectable adults. I decided to put my faith in them because we’re only human and we’re bound to make mistakes. It’s just harder to hide the mistakes from the extremely criticizing public eye known as Korean Netizens.

Member Impressions

Bobby — Bobby was the first one that stood out to me in iKON. His visuals are not exactly your conventional Korean idol look, but his stage presence and charisma is ? In Mix & Match, I saw how Bobby was so kind to the newcomers and broke the ice when things got awkward. I really liked that about him. I’m also a huge fan of his style in fashion. It’s very unique, just like his rapping! Almost bias. Definitely wrecker.

BI — My #1, ultimate bias, One and Only iKON leader, goofball, on-off stage personality gap, variety genius. When I first saw him in music videos, he didn’t stand out very much. I did notice that he did get a lot of lines (since he is the composer for all the songs) but Bobby definitely stole the show for me. But B.I became my bias when I saw him on iKON TV. His off-stage personality is so different from his fierce on stage one. It was cute to see that he’s Just Another Boy. And seeing his leadership skill in the pre-debut varieties and the fact that he wrote all of iKON’s song amazes me. He has my respect. I love this boy and will continue to follow his work no matter what.

Jay — Jay’s iKON TV episode was my FAVOURITE. He seems like a very funny person (when he’s not trying) and his vocals are great. His visuals are one of my favourites and he is definitely my favourite dancer in iKON. When I saw Jay live at SXSW, I was in love. He was so much more charismatic in person, and the way he smiles and interacts with the audience was so authentic. Another wrecker– please stay in your lane Jay.

Ju-ne — Ju-ne is my #1 iKON visual and vocal! (yet he’s not my bias? haha) I would love to hear him sing more rock songs because I think his voice works very well with that genre. There’s also something about Ju-ne makes me feel like he’s the little brother. Like I adore him, but I would never fall for him romantically. I don’t know if that makes sense haha.

Song — I love Song!! Something about him is very comforting. Maybe it’s because of the way he interacts with the other members is very caring. I love his vlogs! He makes them perfectly to my aesthetics. I hope he continues to make them and also one day debut as an actor because he definitely has the visuals and the personality for one!

DK — DK is a member that I didn’t notice much at first. But with the more recent comebacks, he definitely shines a lot. You can see that he definitely has polished his dancing skills and we all know how lovely his falsetto voice is. I would love to him pairing up with Bobby. I think they’d make an amazing duo!

Chanwoo — Ohh Jung Chanwoo. Maknae on top, salt of the earth. What would the group do without you? When I first start learning the members, I referred to him as the “gamer” guy lol!! He’s known for playing a lot of video games during his free time. I feel like Chanwoo is a lot funnier in person than he is on camera. I don’t know why, just a feeling. He definitely stood out ALOT when I saw him live.

I had a lot of fun learning about the members, especially from iKON TV. Although not all the members shine on stage, it was so much fun seeing their different colors on a variety show. I guess that’s the thing about being idols. Although your main profession is music, you really gotta be a personality too.


Favourite music video — Im OK

I’m OK is definitely my favorite iKON Music Video hands down. Not only that the song is amazing, but the visuals in the music video really added to the effect. I got chills the first time I saw it. I really like the scene during Bobby’s first rap with the TV screens. I also really really like DK’s set with the suitcases. I wish they showed more of his stuff because it had so much potential. Just that feeling of the bags resembling emotional ‘luggage’. Where when you have only 1, you can get away with being ‘OK’. But when you have a huge pile of ‘luggages’ that’s when it becomes overbearing.

Favourite Song — GOODBYE ROAD

This is a tough one to pick because I honestly like all of their songs. I decided on Goodbye Road because according to my Last.FM, it’s the iKON song I listen to the most. The do like Goodbye Road a lot. The song has a throwback feel to it, which matches a lot with the bitter-sweet lyrics. The lyrics seriously hurts a lot especially this line:

I didn’t mean to date just to cry together
I didn’t mean to create memories to be left in pain
I’ve once again become strangers with someone so easily
I didn’t love you to break up with you

Goodbye Road written by Kim Hanbin

Favourite Dance — B-Day

Come on now, must I say anymore

Favourite B-Side — Beautiful

I honestly think Beautiful is a better song than Love Scenario. Kidding not kidding. In the New Kid’s era, there are a lot of sad songs so Beautiful being an upbeat/feel-good song made it so nice to hear in the Return album. I felt like if this song was promoted as a title song, it would do so well! Maybe it’s just me.

Favourite Pre-debut song — SINOSIJAK

Bobby’s rap line in this song is so hype. Not to mention how the dance was inspired by urangutangs when B.I went to the zoo. It’s such a fun song, and also a fun way iKON honored iKONICs because SINOSIJAK means something similar to ‘1, 2 ready go’ but mixing Korean’s Sijak and Japanese’s Se-no. To count down before starting something. Also in the song, they sing “Show Time!” Which is iKON’s catch phase when they introduce themselves “Get ready? Showtime!” Overall, I just find it a fun song

Proud Fan

I’m sure all iKONICS would agree that 2018 was the best year for iKON fans. They broke records and became a national sensation with LOVE SCENARIO. Breaking YG records with coming back 4 times in 1 year. Winning numerous awards, including B.I winning ‘Song Writer of the Year’. I was so proud of him. His reaction was priceless. Then they ended their streak by completing their New Kids series with a compilation album and dropping I’m OK (non-promotional song). I felt so lucky that I got to becoming their fan during this amazing year.


March 2019, I met iKON at SXSW in Austin. It honestly felt like a miracle. To think that just a year ago I decided that I’m an iKONIC. Never in my life had I imagine seeing them live. To add on to that, to see them live UP CLOSE. Not to mention they performed many of my favorite songs I never thought I’d see live like B-DAY and SINOSIJAK. Although I wish they performed I’m OK and Goodbye Road, I can’t complain. I SAW BDAY LIVE. This was honestly the CLIMAX of my iKONIC fandom because due to unfortunate events, iKON now has to move on as a 6 member unit without my favourite member in there.

Although I am sad, I will continue to support BI, who has left the group and the remaining 6 members who will be returning as iKON. My love for iKON will not wither down that easily. I am grateful for them for giving me so much joy in the past few years and reviving the fangirl inside of me. Although it just seems like non-sense to many out there, it’s something that brings me joy and gives me the energy to live my life colorfully. Who wouldn’t want that?

June 2024

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