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    Welcome to the City of Hoshido

    Mood: So-so Listening to: – Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Craving: Taiwanese food Watching: Space Battleship Yamato (2010) Now, I don’t know if I ever mention it on here but, I’m a huge Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan. A lot of people say it’s a kids game, true I won’t argue that, but I find it very relaxing to play. I would not recommend this game for people who are impatient though. The fact that the game runs on real time means that you have to wait for everything lol. you can only grind so much in the game before you run out of things to do. The game reminds…

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    Just in case you didn’t know what that acronyms is N3DSXL = New Nintendo 3 DS XL. -Claps Hands- Welcome, welcome, welcome a new baby to the family; My new New Nintendo 3DS XL: Galaxy Style!! Ah, such a beautiful baby. I’ve been eyeing a New Nintendo 3DS for a year now. The game stop in Capitol Hill had 1 available so I decided that this is the weekend I’m going to buy myself one. I didn’t bother telling anyone about it besides my brother, BF and people around me because I’m too lazy to deal with the people asking “why a DS and not the Switch?”. My answer would…

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    Osu! The PP Climb

    Mood: just chill Listening to: Dear You – DJ Genericname remix Playing: Osu! Craving: Asian food FTW Watching: Bistro SMAP So a little update on my Osu journey.. it looks like I’m climbing the PP ranking much faster than I thought. The last time I posted about Osu my PP was sitting at 629 PP. Now it’s at 709 LOL. Looks like I’m going to reach my 800 PP goal even before the end of next month if I keep going at this rate. To be honest though, I wasn’t really focusing on gaining PP. I just wanted to get better at the keyboard x tablet playstyle. Thankfully, I got much…

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    Osu! Switching from Mouse Only

    Mood: Hopeful Listening to: そっと きゅっと – SMAP Playing: Osu! Reading: – Watching: super.modern.artistic.performance 2008 LIVE TOUR I don’t think I ever blog about Osu before. I mean, there isn’t much to say about it. I’ve always loved playing Osu. I kinda stopped for a year or so but in the past summer when I got my new mouse Osu got fun again so I started playing more. I got fairly good with mouse only Osu. Okok, by good I actually mean decent. You know, I can never understand how people play keyboard x mouse, it seems so hard :< every time I try I always fail so I always just go back to…

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