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Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

Why did you delete the songs in my playlist just because it didn’t match your Apple Music library. Just FYI, that was 90% of the music that I actually listen to. You and your dam automated smart ass program that should have been tested with more than the ordinary users. It’s been over a year since I last used Apple Music and iTunes in the Cloud oh wait, jk, you call that iCloud Music Library now. Because it’s been awhile, I thought I’d give you a 2nd chance. Now I’m sitting here regretting my decisions. Now you may argue with me that the program did what it’s supposed to do and I was wrong on the user end. But I can also say that it’s a design flaw because I did what’s most intuitive: turned on iCloud Music Library for both devices I want to use it on.

On the topic of intuitive, why is iTunes and the Music app becoming less intuitive. As someone who supported your product only over a year ago, I still have a hard time finding the shuffle, repeat button. Oh, I should have guessed that I’m supposed to click on the currently playing song view and scrolled down = =.I rather see those features first thing over the single cover that Apple Music can’t even load properly. Speaking of which, Apple Music doesn’t even work for me half of the time since I click on a song and it buffers and times out 70% of the time. Now you can blame my connection but why is a Youtube video, or even your competitor Spotify able to load things just fine? UGH

Can you just give me back iTunes 7? Easy. Simple. Less Clutter.

PS. maybe you should let in some of your employees to test out your program since everything gets ‘leaked’ anyways.

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May 2024

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