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First Day of School

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Today was the first day of classes for me. Surprisingly Autumn Quarter started out with a sunny day. That’s rare in the Seattle area, hah.

I had to go to school early because I realize I had to buy a course package for my Japanese class (though it turned out no one had it in class anyway @_@). While I was on the bus on the way to school, there was this old lady who sat next to me in front. Apparently she wrecked her car and so she decide to ‘learn’ public transportation. For some reason, the old lady got her route wrong and is freaking out. While the bus driver is trying so hard to help her get back to where she want to go and calm her down +_=; She keeps repeating “Public transportation is so complicated… So complicated.”  Its much easier if you hop on the internet and use trip planner + google maps but I asume she’s not tech-savy. What a generation gap..

About my classes? I’ll summarize them.

  1. Japanese Quiz Section,自己紹介をして、漢字を復習しました
  2. M E, Solidworks, ZzZzz (got there late because I stop by the bathroom. Black tea with too much caffeine = bad stomach day.)
  3. Japanese History, not so bad ^_^

After class Max and I grab some crepes. Then stop by the video game club/night. I joined some of the members in a game of LoL(dominion). We Won! It was a ton of fun.

Now I’m just doing homework and re-copying my misplaced notes . ふぅぅ~そして、明日もう一度繰り返します。

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