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I’m a terrible friend. Today, I was looking through my messages and I saw a message from my old friend wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. That wasn’t the only message he sends me, he would always ask how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to. It’s not like I wasn’t on my phone at all during the weekend, I just simply put the message aside because there are things that I am more interested in happening during the weekend, so pretty much I ignored his message.

This is not the only time I’ve done things like this. I’ve done worse things like standing people up who came to visit me from another state simply because I was so caught up with other things that aren’t as important. I don’t deserve even calling them my friend anymore because I can’t even recall doing anything for them in return. But even now, they still treat me so kindly and it makes me sad. Makes me extremely sad that I did not cherish these people when it mattered. Now that I’m getting more engage with my newer friends, I am terrified that in the future I’ll be doing the same to them.

Maybe all of this is part of maturity.
Maybe I was just too young to understand how little things can make a huge impact on how people feel.
Can I believe in myself that I’ve changed since? I mean, I did ignored my friend this weekend…but I did bounce back by sending him a belated message in return.

This is why I’m thankful for all the friends who still keep trying. I don’t deserve you, but I hope you’ll still continue to give me a chance to act like a friend that you deserve.

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  • YouKnowWho

    It makes me extremely sad too Wilda. I’m glad you still have friends that are willing to keep trying.

  • Vijayata

    Atleast you are trying to become better in all areas of life, professional or personal. Besides it’s not daily interaction or being in touch that matters, it’s one’s feelings that count. Your friends know you care, so they stay friends for they appreciate true friendship. Most of the time when I think of replying back to the emails I’m trying to find a proper alone time for the right words the reply needs showing genuine care that I feel for the person. So you’re not alone in delaying the replies. All the best for the classes!

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