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My body is sore~ This just shows how much I haven’t been exercising. 2 days ago, I felt extremely sluggish, so I decide to dance like a crazy person. Okay, not that crazy, I did do random dance, jump around push-ups and sit-ups though. Now my body is sore~

Today I spent my day with my friend Justine. We finally got to hangout before school starts! Since she’s not local here, I decide to take her to Bellevue Square. Bellevue Square is a pretty big fancy mall. There isn’t much to do there, but there is quite a lot to see. The thing about Justine is we met in math class last winter. She’s one of the girls in my math quiz section who decided to group together. I didn’t thought we would become more than just classmates but some how we did. We always had small talk after class before we move on to our own thing.

Its funny how Justine claims that she has a hard time talking to people a lot of times. That’s same for me actually, but for some people you just click with and you aren’t embarrass about what you say, and you feel like you can be yourself around them. I feel like I don’t put enough effort on trying to become closer to her. I should cherish people like her and make her part of my forest friends (^□^)ノ !

June 2024

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