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Rainbow Nails

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Yay! Finally I tried and didn’t fail a nail-art design. Last time I had pretty nail art were these strawberry ones. And.. I totally didn’t do those myself. Max did them for me ^_^ I got so many compliments for that haha. Anyway, the other day I found this nail art channel on youtube via Cali’s blog entry and this one rainbow nailart I saw was super cute and I wanted to try it.

aren’t they cute?! Well anyways today Max and I went to RITE-AID and I saw these stripers so I’m like… I’m doing this! So this is my final product of my nails. I added a little twist to my own and add some disco ball glitter on it to cover my mistakes.

Rainbow nails Closeup
Close up of the nails.. kinda blurry though 🙁

I don’t really have a good camera so sorry the pictures are kinda blurry/not clear and simply useless. And the stripers I got.. the yellow color has the name ‘Morning Breath‘. Not sure why you would name a color that.. I don’t think Morning Breath is suppose to be a positive thing. Its a perfect yellow but why does it have a weird name! All nail polish has rather funny & fancy names. Same with make up colors >.< its so ridiculous.

June 2024

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