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Suddenly I felt like writing about 2 things. It would be better if I made them a separate post but I am quite lazy and plus, the two topics are closely related anyways so why not?!

Fun Karaoke Night

Last night I went Karaoke with a couple college friends and Max. Its the first time going to Karaoke with this group of people, and it turned out way better than I expected! Usually, every time I go Karaoke with Max, something always ticks him off and makes him mad. Which makes me feel very uncomfortable if he can’t enjoy himself. This time around, he seemed to enjoy it. I think it might be because of the great facility too. This new Karaoke place is easy going, song choices are decently good, the instrumental for the songs are good! We sang for 2 hours and it was a ton of fun. I got to introduce my News love to my friend Momo-chan too! ^_^v I wonder who is her type in News xD  I know she likes the prince type so MAYBE TEGOSHI?

Japanese Female Idols

So it is a quite well known fact that I’ve been a Johnny’s fan. I love Japanese Male Idols!! But recently I’ve grown quite fond of this group called AKB48. I used to be quite iffy about how I feel about it.

-Unfinished blog that I decided to not publish (1/3/2017)

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