Working Perks

So ever since I graduated in December, I started working full time in the Logistics department of this clothing company. I work in an office, yes.. I have my personal cubical. When I first started working here in August, I didn’t even know what Logistics people do.. Now I can just tell the other people who don’t understand is that, I work with product shipments pretty much.

Well my job specifically involves a lot of numbers and fiddling around the database– catching people’s mistakes and sending emails to ask them to fix it because I can’t fix them myself. Every time I tell people I have a job, they ask me “you like your job?” and to that I would say.. I don’t necessarily hate my job, it’s not like I like it either. I don’t look forward to going to work every morning because It gets pretty boring and by the 3rd hour in, I would be begging to go home already. That said, at the same time it can be damn fun, I get so sucked into perfecting my work that I finish it way too fast/early… Then I go back to the “I wanna go home” mentality because I don’t have work to do. One thing I dislike about my job for sure is the location. It’s so far from home and hard to access via public transportation. I honestly don’t plan to stay here forever, but I’m glad that my first office job is a great experience so far.

Having my own cubicle though, means that I sit alone staring at these wall that some days I would spend 10-15 minutes debating with myself if I should call it brown or grey. Ever since I was formally hired though, I started filling this brey wall with drawing, pins, and pictures to add more color to my work area.. and I call it my happy corner because it’s just filled with things that makes me happy. – Trust me though, if you had my job, you’ll find anything and everything funny & entertaining.. =.=


But yeah. Just feel like writing a blog about work, AT work. I shouldn’t be doing this by the way.. haha. Oh well. Hope I don’t get fired now.

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