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Blogging about Maple Story… how Hondai-like. Well, anyway, TrueMagic generation 3 broke apart somewhat. Well, 2 significant members left the guild to make their own and asked to alliance with us. Well, I don’t really mind that but, they’re stealing members! So far 3 other significant members quitted the guild to join them.

And now we’re alliance so they can talk to our guild members. Do you think that’s fair? I felt like it wasn’t… It took Stan and I so much effort recruiting people. Seems like Stan is taking it harder than I am though… He’s totally ignoring them in Alliance Chat. Stan said he’d never leave TrueMagic, that makes me very happy. 🙂 Though, never say never! You never know, but thanks anyway Stanley and your manliness.

How many more weeks of school for you? Counting from today, I have exactly 2 weeks of school left! OH SUMMER COME TO ME~!!! <33 I really need a 2 month chillax time! But these 2 weeks I’ll be hanging on a strong before I drop into the dead den. Next week’s schedule is jam pack!.

Monday – Group Meeting/presentation in Public Speaking
Tuesday – Japanese Class/Chemistry test/Chemistry Group meeting
Wednesday – Chemistry Group meeting/Registration crap!
Thursday – Chemistry Presentation/commemorative speech stuff
Friday – Work

I love being college yet hate it at the same time. Every time I walk into the highschool I feel so… unwelcomed?? Whatever 😛 I’m typing this entry at my highschool library. Hahaha~! No one will bring the Hondai of TrueMagic down!!!

Ps. I have plans for a new website during summer! I shall work on it once summer comes along :)|||||

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