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DVD hell and Love Hell

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DVD hell You can skip this if you like XD

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you NEWShFAN for subbing SMAP’s 2008 concert DVD! I don’t feel guilty for downloading this. Because even if I legally buy it, I won’t be able to watch it anyway! I was complaining to Tsuki about it yesterday but I guess I can again here.

So I got NEWS’s new single Koi no ABO the special addition with a DVD in it! But guess what, I can’t watch it. I put it in my dvd player, nothing happens. I put it in my computer, nothing happens. I put it in my sister’s computer, it asks her to change her computer’s DVD drive region. BUT you can change it only 6 times. Uhh…. Why can’t I just slip it in and watch it? Seriously! I got it legally! And it was hella expensive too. Well, more complains about DVD vvv

Did I ever mention that we have like 30+ DVD of Thai movies laying around our house that we can’t even watch? What – the – hell.

Love Hell

Some conversation on Maple Story made me feel like a loser. DX Once again someone said I was a “Pure little innocent girl”. Guess what, some 15 year old said that to me. :/ Man, am I really that pure and innocent? Even so, It’s not a bad thing! Well, they never said it was. Harharhar. But then still, they all told me “You need to get a boyfriend”. Meh, to be frankly honest, I’m not ready to be in any relationship right now. It screws my brain up.

So, yeah there’s a guy I like (that’s not Tegoshi!) but then even if I did told him I like him. And even if he does like me back. I don’t think I could handle the relationship. He goes to High school, I go to college. I wouldn’t be able to see him much. I wouldn’t have time to talk to him much. I get jealous easily, so I would start getting wrong ideas. It’s nothing but a pain.|||||

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