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Hi guys. Since I really like the name Hoshiru, I begged and begged Hondai to buy it for money. She finally sold it to me for $500!! So cheap!

okay… Obviously I’m kidding. HAHA I’m just extremely lazy with Cutenews, I decide to install WordPress. Don’t worry! I will make a custom theme for Hoshiru. >.< Hoshiru will not be Hoshiru-ish without custom theme. Though I don’t know how long my attention span will allow me to finally learn how to make a wordpress theme.

As you know, there are many reason why I don’t spend my time on my websites anymore. I wish I could say they were productive but… nope not quite! Just incase you’re wondering, lately I’ve been spending my time

  1. playing The Sims 1: The Complete Collection .. My sims an awesome pimp. No ;!;!;ing too!
  2. playing League of Legends … yep… DEMACIA!!!!
  3. playing MapleStory .. not much anymore though. My WildHunter is stuck at lvl 112 (I think)
  4. watching Anime ( currently watching HanaIro, AoEx, Usagi Drops, Ikoku Meiro..)
  5. watching Star Trek Voyager. Harz.

Yep… that’s pretty much all I do. Well besides going out and hanging out.. with Max. Haha
Anyway, I’ll try bring back the blogroll and put back (and complete!) the pages.  I’ll probably remove most people from my blogroll though. Except for some. I’m sure you know who you are !

Peace out guys
February 2024

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