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How I Met Your Mother is a pretty popular sitcom that ran from 2005-2014. Only recently did I binge watch the whole series and I LOVE IT! It’s honestly a weird feeling when I watch it because there are so many references from this show that I have experience and I didn’t even know.

I had a friend in college whom, I didn’t realize back then, is a fan of this show. I remember him sending me the Barney Suit song from the Girls Versus Suits Suits episode. I thought it was mildly funny watching it back then. I do remember pointing things out like “why does he like suits so much” and the fact that she mention “daddy issues” LOL. It’s just so weird how I completely forgot about seeing it and once I watch HIMYM for real and saw the episode, I was like WHOA, this is awesome!

EP.100 of HIMYM Girls VS Suits!
EP.100 of HIMYM Girls VS Suits!

Also a reference from the same college friend was “Challenge Accepted”. If you read my you were my… post, you’ll see I talked about my friend constantly saying “Shoubu da”! Which I think I translated it as something else, but NOW that I think about it, he pretty much was inspired by Barney and always accepting challenges (not the same kind of challenges Barney does though lol).

The last HIMYM thing that happened to me before I actually watch the series is, my first HIMYM episode! My first HIMYM episode was actually the one where Lily is going into labor and Barney & Marshall are stuck in Atlantic City. I still remember the details in that episode that someone was going into labor, dad needs to get there, friend helps him get there and attempted to steal a motorcycle.

What made me decide to actually watch HIMYM? Well it just popped up in my suggested list on Netflix.. and I knew the show so I just started watching. I don’t regret a single minute of it because that show was legend — wait for it, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the next word isdary. Legendary!

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