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Pokemon GO & The Nostalgia Factor

Hey guys! It’s been awhile. Recently I’ve been pretty much working and patching up my relationships with people. I’ve managed to meet up with high school friends, college friends, feel happier about my love life and talk more to my parents. Things has been great so far.
The most recent craze as of late is Pokemon GO! It’s pretty crazy to imagine a phone game that can get people to go outside and actually WALK. Not to mention it also finally got me to convince Arthur to take walks around the neighborhood with me since we finally have a reason to. (although I don’t really need a reason to take a walk lol) But any who, our first night playing Pokemon go in the neighborhood was actually quite adventurous. We found REAL wild bunnies in the park, walk through a forest paths with tall tall trees, found parks in my neighborhood that I never knew existed, and doing minor trespassing in some houses just to catch a Raticate. Don’t worry, worst we did was just walking into their front yard haha.
I know there are a lot of bad news out there saying that Pokemon Go encourages kids to sneak out at night, or people using lures to mug people, Driving while catching Pokemon, but really, these issues are not the games fault, it’s the players fault. Use your common sense people x_x don’t blame it on the game.
One thing I do like the most about Pokemon GO is that it rewards people who might be busy in life and has to go outside and commute to work over people who are free and stay home all day. It was kind of a “HAH” moment when I work downtown where there are 7 Pokestops in one block and I can catch a TON of Pokemons during my commute on the bus. Meanwhile most of my gamer friends would be busy at home playing Overwatch and League of Legends all day. It’s a little less effort I need to put in to stay on the game progress as my gaming friends so, yay! It’s a little refreshing to hear that they plan on going outside more often as well.


Which comes to my nostalgia point of this post. I would call Pokemon one of the first games I’ve played. First would be Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart. My situation is kind of funny though because the first time I’ve ever played pokemon was actually on an emulator on the computer. My brother sure is smart being able to even know an emulator existed back in year 2000. So I would sit and play Pokemon Blue on the computer having no idea what the game was supposed to be about. I remember picking Squirtle and naming him Moony because his head looks like a full moon haha. Then once he evolved to a Blastoist I was like… the name Moony didn’t fit him so well anymore…
I probably re-played Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Gold the most out of all games in my life time. Then Crystal came along and became my favorite. Then the last ever generation of Pokemon I ever played was Ruby. I realized several new Pokemon games came out since. I did play the remakes like Fire Red and Alpha Sapphire but I never played any of the games that had the newer generation of Pokemons. So I thought hey, why don’t I try play all of the Pokemon Games starting form Blue up until the newst Sun/Moon when it comes out.
So I started on my Blue game yesterday. I only got to Cerulean City. I actually managed to catch a Pikachu using the algorithm people talk about online. I was surprised it actually worked lol
But maybe I’ll blog more about how my journey for each game is going. That sounds like fun. I did wanted to blog more but I always write an entry partually then forget about it. I hate continuing form a partually written entry because I would forget what my point of the entry was and start on a new one (then it goes unfinish again) haha
Well, I’m on break at work and its about to end so “smell ya later”

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