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Just random things that’s been making me curious. I’ll make it simple and clean.

How can someone be harmlessly self centered? I don’t get it! Well, besides that, I’ve been having problems with self centered people. I can’t stand them! Same goes with many people right? But then I start wondering if I’m self centered.

Social person? When I ask my friends, am I a social person? Their answer is clean cut, no. Why? “Because you never hang out with people at the mall and you said you don’t enjoy parties”. I guess that’s true. But can someone be social online? I know I am. I join so many online communities at the same time I’m active in most of them. (which kills x_x) Compare to Ampy, she doesn’t join any, at all.

Why do people litter? Actually, I know why, it’s because they are L-A-Z-Y! Simple. But I don’t like seeing trash laying around the floor in my neighborhood. It’s gross! The thing I don’t get most is, why do people litter around the trash can when the trans can isn’t even full?? Man, it isn’t that hard to drop it in there.

Why are you a vegetarian? I have a friend who recently became a vegetarian. I asked her why, she said, I don’t want to kill the poor living things. You = fail. Just to let you know plants are living things too. Only they can’t oink like a pig or moo like a cow. If she doesn’t want to kill animals that would be a different story.

What color do you think 2009 is? I think it’s yellow. Do you think things in Color? Like how 7 is green and 6 is brown. A is red and B is yellow? XD Or is that only me??Sorry about that random blog post. Hahaha, Bye bee!~

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June 2024

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