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Today I went to South Center Mall with Ampy and Oran. We all met up at Shinka Tea. Actually my other brother who I’ll call Kiwi was suppose to come too but he couldn’t make it. ): I feel a little bad because I realize that went I left the house he was actually there too. I should have called him….

Anyway, we got the mall by bus. The bus ride was long but I still enjoy riding buses! Hahaha. Right when we got there we looked for something to eat. Scanning through the many choices we decide to go for a shop calledBlue C Sushi. It’s a Kaiten-zushi shop. It was my first time at a Kaiten-zushi shop. As the sushi came rolling by on the belt it was hard to pick which one to get! There were so many good looking ones, yet you have to looking which one is costly and which one is worth it. I’m glad I got to eat my favorite kind of sushi though, which is the sake nigiriYum yum~~ I want to go there again when I have money $$$ then that way I’ll pick up the Unagi Nigiri which is one of Hondai’s most favorite food!! ♥

After eating we went touring the mall and stop by many shops Game Stop, H&M, Apple Store, DeliA*, etc. There were so many cloths I want to buy! Especially at H&M. *0* To bad I don’t have money though. I still haven’t gotten my paycheck *cries* I don’t want to ask for it though. I know everyone is having financial problems…. including me. Hahaha. Well, I can wait for the money. 🙂

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