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Truths or Lies?

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Everyone lives under a lie… That’s what I’ve been told by someone before. Well, I don’t think that’s right. When will people start listening to the truth instead of forcing someone to tell lies. *sigh* bad first entry for 2009 but I’ll just have to start with this.

So some of you know I have braces. I got them in 2007 in June or July or so. I’ve been doing my usual appointments since then. I’m doing a pretty good job not eating caramel, pop corn, hard candy and all those other stuff we aren’t suppose to eat. In fact I don’t even like most of the stuff they tell me not to eat. Not to mention that it hurts to eat them?

This problem started since before winter break. My brackets of my braces came off. The appointment I went when winter break start I found out I had a loose bracket. The assistant lady just said “Make sure you don’t eat hard food okay? Because that will put tension into your wires and make your brackets come off” of course no was my answer because I seriously don’t know when it came off. So yeah, yeah they fix it then off I go for winter break. But by the second they while I was flossing my teeth I noticed something weird about one of my brackets. So I took a risk and try push it softly… I discovered that it’s a loose bracket again. I tried calling them in to get it fix but apparently they were gone for the holidays and I didn’t left a message because I didn’t know what to say.

Then on Monday, which was the first appointment of the year. They found my loose bracket and the assistant lady said her usual thing again “make sure you don’t eat hard food okay? Because that will put tension into your wires and make your brackets come off. Cut your food into little pieces and blahh blah blah…”. Well… um just to let you know I usually eat rice and home so… yeah well that’s not the point though. They got it fix then off I go again.

So right after the appointment I decided to walk to the town center where they sell food. I was thinking of getting tomato soup there. But right before I walk into the cafeteria my braces went *plunk*. Such a familiar sound, my brackets has come loose again. But because I have classes from 9 AM-10PM tomorrow I don’t have an open time to appoint them on Tuesday. In fact I didn’t have time to call them.

During the break between my two classes yesterday I called them to make an appointment to fix my braces. Available spot was at 8.30 AM. I had no choice but to go there that early. When I got there I got the same annoying assistant. “So what brings you here today?” she asked. “I have a loose bracket again” was my simple reply. Then she said her usual thing “Okay, make sure you don’t eat hard food okay? Because that will put tension into your wires and make your brackets come off”. I told her though “But this happen just on Monday right after my appointment. Probably not even 30 minutes after the appointment when I didn’t eat anything, it already came off”. Apparently she wasn’t listening.

So the doctor came and fix my bottom loose bracket which is the one that usually comes off. Then he told the assistant to put bigger wires on the top jaw. While she was putting the rubber bands on another bracket came off!! She still has the nerves asking me “Oh, did you know that you have a loose bracket on top too?”Umm hello?!? You mean it came off it’s self?? I didn’t do anything that made it came off. Well, she told the doctor and he said something to her that I couldn’t hear. But the assistant turned to me then asked weather my parents are here. Well… no their not, their busy people and I’ve always been coming here alone. She was just like “Oh, well because the doctor was thinking of charging you for this appointment because this happened more than once”.


Charge me? Make me pay money for you mistakes? $189 bye bye just like that? Well, it’s not going to happen because I didn’t do anything wrong. Who the hell should pay for a broken braces that happened not even after 20 minutes after fixing it… when she didn’t eat anything or drank anything!? And the bracket that came off because the assistant accidentally broke it! After hearing that they plan to make us pay I told the assistant clearly again what happened(because the doctor went to work with other patients). Her reply was “I’m not the one responsible for this stuff because I’m just here working in the back, you’ll have to talk to the front desk about this”. Well, screw you poker face lady!!! You just don’t want to admit that you did something wrong because you are too lazy to take responsibility for it.

After that the poker face assistant sent me to the office with the lady who works with the money and stuff. I sat there and wait for her… when the money lady got there she asked for my parents. When I told her that their not here she just said “Oh okay, you can just go home then sweetie I’ll just call your mommy and talk about this”. I told her “No, I can talk” she said “Don’t worry, your mommy can handle this. You can go home now”.

What’s wrong with these people?!? How old do they think I am? Do they have to hear it from my “mommy”to believe the fact that this wasn’t my fault? Either way, sorry I know the economy is bad but, they are not going to charge my dad $189 because the people who work there are simply lazy and obviously sucks.

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