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Oh my goodness! Where to start! O_O I got a new laptop, yes, finanlly!! I’m done with that 6 years old computer. My dad got me a Dell, Vostro. It’s kinda small but it’s nice. 😀 I’m trying to get use to using such a small screen HAHAHA. But man, after using that old computer for so long I feel a little sad leaving it.

I loved my huge screen. I loved how I was right next to the dining table. I loved how I couldn’t move it around and I didn’t have too much freedom using the computer. Freedom, comes with responsibility! I’m not much of a responsible person you know? I spend my time playing games while I should be studying and all.

… honestly, I have something to complain about. -_- I hope my sister doesn’t mind this. I can’t stand how she laughs and types so loud when she uses the computer! Especially when I’m trying to sleep! I don’t need my mind wondering off thinking of what she’s laughing about, it just bugs me so much. Especially when we got my dad’s old laptop and she now plays maple story in the bedroom… She would stay up late playing that game while I’m trying to sleep. When I tell her I can’t sleep because she’s up, all she does is “sorry” -turns down the music- and turn off some lights. …. I can’t get a good night sleep like this…

Wow, I went off in a tangent. O_o Sorry about that! But that’s just something I’m so frustrated about. I’ve told her so many times and all she says is “dude, I’m so sorry” but she never fixes her habits. I feel like she doesn’t mean it anymore….

June 2024

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