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Mint Mocha!

HondaiMood: Happy?[Edit]ANGRY! D:<[/Edit]
Listening to: Happy Birthday – NewS
Drinking: Minty Mocha!
Reading😕Massu no Master Hits!
Working on: A gift for my dear friend in Thailand.
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Watching: Nobuta wo Produce!

I know this blog entry is?VERY?long. I don’t really expect anyone to read it all. x_X Maybe someone who actually cares and have time would read it but yeah. Sorry bout this

Arg omg! I have too many things to blog about. Oddly when I actually have something to blog about, I always end up being too tired or not have time to do it. Now I finally have a day break so here I am! 8D

PhotobucketAnyway, I’ve been addicted a?Starbucks?drink. The one and only?Mint Mocha!Hahaha. I drank it before many times in the past, but somehow this one day I drank it I liked it more than I use to. x_X So now whenever I go somewhere I always stop by to get some.?Freak!

I’ve heard too many good news. >_< News that are making me waste more money! Gah! Anyway,?3?CDs from my most favorite groups are coming out soon!

  • 1.?SMAP?is having a tour and album coming out! September 24th! And I can’t make it to the concert. D: But still!?I’m so happy about this!?^-^
  • 2. Tegomass has a new song called?Kataomoi no chiisana koi.?Not so sure when it’s coming out but it’s there! And might be coming soon! XD
  • 3. NewS!!! New single, Happy Birthday.?Oct 1st, 2008?It’s such a bubbly song!

I wished NewS’s single would have come out on Oct 29th. It’s Ampy’s Birthday and Athrun’s Birthday! Those two who are born on the same day are very alike. I’m serious! XD It’s so funny how much I look at Athrun he really acts like Ampy but a guy version. It’s like the creator based Athrun on Ampy.

My favorite line in the song is:

Because you’re here I can laugh
and be more honest than usual today
An ordinary day to the rest of the world
To me even the atmosphere has a special taste

It’s so sweet and true. I remember a special day when I had a feeling just like that. ? Tegoshi even sings that part. Which makes it better! >:D

The song was used for a bath product campaign so they made a pun ‘Happy?Bath?Day’. In the CM the members were handing roses to Yamapi forming a bouquet. Reminded me of the one picture that Athrun hold a huge bouquet of flower. XD I wish I receive flowers. I love colorful things.?[like purple balloons!]?But for a rose. Sometimes I think 1 rose pass on the message more. But a bouquet is romantic. So either way, it’s still cute. ^0^/

School has already started for everyone huh. School has actually started for me too. But… since I’m a running start student, my classes doesn’t start until the comunity college starts. Which is on September 22. I went on the first day of school?[even though I didn’t have to go]?Being able to see my friends again, it made me so happy and sad. >__<

I’m not going to be enjoying the lunch where we laugh and scream about stupid stuff like Me doing randomSMAP dance… Ampy making me guess the SMAP song…. Mei-chan, Johnny, Amp, Kay Kay and me playing?who loves me most…?Chopstick love compatibility games…?and stuff like that. I miss it! Those days won’t come again though TT__TT Oh well. Time to create new memories. >_< I don’t regret the path I choose. It leads me closer to my dreams. Yes? 😀 I’ll do my best!!!

Hondai has dreams??Yes yes! I have lots of dreams. 🙂 Really, I love
making and creating stories. though… I’m not the best at writing. And drawing isn’t something I think could make. So I thought, maybe a screen writer is perfect! So yes, that is something I would like to do. Just create a story that could touch someone’s heart. 😀 Does anyone think I could make it? Hahahahaha

Ps. finished watching Nobuta wo produce last friday? It was a cute drama! Akira *kon kon!*

[Edit:]?ARG! I know I know! I rant this on Myspace and Twitter already but still. One of my friend from Thailand that I’m pretty close to is coming to America. At I heard from a friend that he’s going to a city name Redmond. Since theres a Redmond, WA which is near where I live, I thought he would be going there but NOOOO He’s going to Oregon! GOD DAMMIT![/Edit]

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