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Motivation is contagious

I think I mentioned earlier that I’ve been trying to go for a run everyday for at least a mile or 15 minutes +. So far, so good! That’s not only it, it recently I got my brother to join me once, my sister to come out for a walk with me, and my mom has been joining me too. I got a simple motivation of wanting to look better in general. I’m 21, and I know I can look better than this, and I want to look better too. Thus, the source of my motivation. Sure it seems silly and all because many people would tell me, “but you look great!” or “you’re already skinny” do note folks that I’m not being anorexic, I’m not starving, I’m exercising and nothing is wrong with that!

I hope I don’t offend anyone but I really dislike it when people are 1. fat, 2. lack of motivation. People think they need to get motivation from other people but I think that motivation lies within you. You can make your own motivation, and sometimes it can all come down to just wanting to be a better person, right? Now you’re probably questioning why I don’t like fat people, because I get the idea that fat people lack motivation. They keep telling themselves that how they look is okay, or the way they are is okay. I’ll tell you this, no– it’s not okay, it’s unhealthy. Now I understand that not all fat people want to be fat, of course.. who wants to be. However, isn’t exactly why you should try ‘un-fatten’ yourself? That said, I don’t judge an individual for being fat, I’ll still treat them the same way and love them for their personality and as a person but the fat factor shall never be a subject of complaint.  Then again, people might not have time so… who am I to judge?

TL;DR: Why do people think that it is certain individual’s duty to give motivation? Go motivate yourself.

June 2024

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