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HondaiMood: A little sad but good
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Working on: Organizing Playlist
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For some reason today I decided to organize my play list. It was crazy. I attempted to redirect all my music after putting them in folders arrange by?artist. But after awhile(3 hours), that didn’t work out. I have over?1000songs in my directory. It was impossible to redirect all of the music….. manually. That would take weeks! So I made my decision to created a new directory and just let iTunes do the work or putting them in artist folders. In exchange, I have to let go my play counts that I’ve been collecting for 2 years or so. ^__^;; I’m sad yet it isn’t that bad. Their just play counts.

Plus, I have a music record at?my account?anyway. It’s not so accurate but it is enough. Been through worse. It isn’t as bad as loosing a 1 year worth of blogging. Hahahaha

I watched GYM?(Golf, Yamapi, Mike)?on Utaban today. Yamapi can stand on water!!! Not really, it was water mix with something but I still thought it was cool XD Just in case you want to watch what I’m talking about?Heres the link of the video I’m talking about?it’s around the end. So skip if you like :)|||||

June 2024

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