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Lovely Complex

Listening to: Wonderland – Hoshimura Mai
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Watching: Lovely Complex

XD Goodness! Lovely Complex sure make me laugh alot. It’s very cute! I wonder how the drama is. I’ll probably like the drama too but I know some people who watched it. And those certain people I don’t like D:< So I don’t feel like watching the drama! (Man I can be so stupid)

Math Math Math! I’m doing pretty in the class right now but then It’s getting to the harder chapters. I really need to study harder now. My mom probably thinks I’m a slacker though. Every time she comes home, Ampy and I are watching something. Or either I’m play games .___. I mean… I don’t blame her if she thinks I’m a slacker. I really am working hard in this class! I’m slipping a little but I’ll prove to my mom that I’m not a sore looser! I already threw away my typical high school experience so I’m going to do my best in my high school experience. >:D

I wonder if my friend Mei-chan doesn’t like me some how. I saw her yesterday. She didn’t seem happy. Maybe… I’m the kind of person people gets bored of easily. It’s like when ever my friends get very close to me.. they start drift away. Whyyyyy someone tell me Whyyyhyhyhyhyyy TT___TT

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