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I’m impress! I’m amaze! I’m happy! And I felt a strike a regret that I didn’t get to go. Around 2 nights ago, Ampy and I watched SMAP’s 2008 tour Super Modern Artistic Performance. It didn’t disappoint me one bit.

It made me remember how much I love SMAP 😀 It made me love SMAP even more! I really like the theme of the concert and how they made the concert fit for all ages. You see kids, teenagers, boys and girls, old people, every kind of people you can mention. It truly was enjoyable. Even if you’re not a SMAP fan, I’m sure if your a J-pop fan you’ll enjoy this concert in general.

I guess this girl’s Youtube page has some of it. Our list some of my favorite parts here though. 😛

Say What you Will – Ballad Performance ♥
Sou Desu! – It’s cute!
And my most favorite of all is still –> Style Kimura’s Solo xD

Summer break has been going okay. This Saturday I’m going to the mall with my friends! So I hope I have tons of fun there! 😀

Ps. I’ve been so lazy lately, as you can tell. I mean look, I didn’t even bother changing the avatar for the last 3 posts.|||||

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