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Today was such a … o_o boring day? I woke up at 9, browse the internet a little then I got bored. Still stuck in my blues, I decided to sing. I wanted to sing something that’s hard and challenging for me, so I sang Tamaki Nami’s Realize. For some people that song might be easy, but it’s hard for me! (actually singing everything is hard for me!) I’m not talented at things like my sister. I still did okay. It was fun singing my lungs out. I didn’t convert it into MP3 or post it anywhere though. ): Sorry for those who want to atleast hear it. Next time.

Anyway, I still can’t defeat FF III on the DS. I’m on the last stage where we’re suppose to defeat Xande. Xande was hella easy but the stupid dark cloud just kills me. I can’t do it!!! x_x After being defeated by the stupid cloud 3 times. I fell asleep… and slept for another 5 hours. I woke up at 5… Man, my day just went by like that.

I did saw something that atleast made me laugh today, Tegoshi makes me laugh. Hahaha, I wasn’t even look up anything related to him but he still has to appear? The sky really is trying to cheer me up.

Actually I was looking up BoA’s new song Eien on J-pop asia. Then I got carious of what songs she released last year. Then I clicked on Kissing You. The video was the Live on Music Station. The first person I saw wasn’t BoA, but a young guy with bleached hair sitting in the background waiting for his turn to sing. ♥ A screen shot of it. 😀. I was like o_O It’s NEWS! I really like the song that BoA sang! I really want it now. I wish I could be there to sing that song for Tegoshi. It’s cute! 😀 My singing talent is no where near pro though. DAM. Hahaha~

I think the guy who’s sitting next to Yamapi is SEAMO. o_O Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe NEWS was there to sing for Summer Time. XD Funny, SEAMO wrote a song for their next singing later that year. Hahaha. I love SEAMO songs though~ |||||

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