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Sorry this blog is kinda stressful. T_T I need to get atleast one of my stresses out of my system

Everything is building up that I nearly can’t take it anymore, school stress, family stress, money stress, friend stress, and the fact that I’m still stuck in my 17 year old blues. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my family, realizing how bad the situation is, I don’t want to complain. I want to offer a helping hand as much as I can.

My parents are almost at retiring age but imagine them doing labor work. It’s so painful to see!!! They are suppose to be the owners, their job is suppose to sit back, make sure everything is running right, and invest in whatever the shop needs. But because of the bad economy, we barely sell something for $7 an hour. Minimum wage here is even more than $7!!! Not to mention tax, food cost, rent cost, franchise tax and whatever else we have to pay for.

Well, I know they are doing this for us and they want us to pay attention to studying. But I can’t concentrate, thinking about how tired my parents must be. Just me working one whole day (around 10 hours non-stop). I’m only 17 and I get so tired. And they work almost 7 days a week?

I get tired. Both mentally and physically. I want to be stronger and stronger at both things. I want to be smarter, so I don’t have to spend as much time studying. I want to be stronger, so I don’t have to get so tired after working for a day. The only thing I have in me is willpower. That isn’t so bad I guess.

I feel like I really can’t get away from all this overly stressful things floating around me. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a good day for us all. So I can go back to falling asleep peacefully with sweet dreams about people I hold so dearly in my heart.|||||

June 2024

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