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HondaiMood: GOOD!
Listening to: MY BABY – Abe Mao
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Reading: Gentleman’s Alliances
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First day of spring quarter today, though, I’m still in break mode. >_< I accidentally played maple for 2 hours today! NoooOOooOo~! I got sucked in to getting people to join TrueMagic (my guild). A lot of people joined and quitted. I’m not hurt by that anymore though. I got use to it. 🙂 I mean hey, I’ve been doing this for so long now. Hahaha. I’ve became such a n00b in Maple Story though… it’s like, I don’t know anything anymore!

I’m not sure if I want to stay in my History class… I’ll see how tomorrow goes. >_< Then maybe I’ll ask my mom if I can drop the class and find some other class to do. I’m so bad at history! But I can’t run away forever can I?

I’ve been tagged by Vijayata~<3
The rules: You must answer the questions below with something that begins with the first letter of your first name. If the person who has tagged you has the same letter, use a different one. You may not use any word twice or make anything words up. Then, you must tag five other people.

Hondai isn’t my real name but it is here! 😀 So I’ll be using “H”!:

* A girl’s name – Helen
* A boy’s name – Halton
* A unisex name – Harley … that is a girl’s name too right?
* An animal – Hawk
* An adjective –
* A car – Honda……..i (I just HAD to put an I XD)
* Some food and a drink – Hiroshimayaki, Hot cakes, Hamburger, Hot Dogs!
* A game – HALO XP
* A country – Holland
* A film – Harry Potter!
* Four words that end in ‘Y’ – Hotty, Holy, Hickey, Hocky, Handy. oops thats 5
* Another name – Hoshi 🙂 I love that name.

I really don’t know who to tag >_< Everyone I want to tag was tagged already! o_O|||||

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