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2 years!

How could I forget Hoshiru’s birthday when it’s right on the front page! That even the reason why Hoshiru disappeared for a bit. I forgot to renew my domain name. Hahaha. But it’s back! And Hoshiru is back with a boost!

Hondai now has almost full control of Hoshiru domain! Yay~ Some of you know that Hoshiru is hosted under my brother. It still is, but my brother gave me an account so that I can create sub domains and accounts myself. 🙂 So now I can host people. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that yet though. Should I?

Maple rant right now it’s 2x exp. I can’t play though cuz my mom doesn’t like me playing maple still. Right now my brother is borrowing my account so his friend can leach for herself. Looking at it makes me go O_O She started from 30% and now she’s at 70%. And it’s been not even 30 minutes. Her level 81 Ranger is leaching of her 142 Bishop. Lucky~~ Leveling so easy like that. o_O

Anyway, Happy 2 year Hoshiru! ♥ Hope I couldn’t have done something special for it. |||||

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