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Finally the more social side of my life is blooming in college. 🙂 Surprisingly I’ve discover more Anime/Drama/Manga lovers!!! It was rather interesting… and random!

Yesterday in math class, after the same ol’ boring math lecture we were suppose to do a group work finishing up the assigned classwork. Well… Haha our whole table couldn’t do it at all. We tried figuring it out but we just couldn’t! And Joey (our professor) was just wayyyy too busy helping everyone else in class. So we just sat there… talking about random stuff.

Then suddenly Mimi-chan(or so I’ll call her) mentioned Sakura Con. She was like “Are any of you going to Sakura Con?” and I was like O_O. “I am! I’m thinking of going atleast” answered Lyna-san. And I went O_O again. Then we start talking about the con and if we were going to cosplay or not and stuff. -w- Mimi-chan is going to cosplay as a bleach character. I’m not sure if I’m cosplaying though.

It was fun because we spend the rest of the class talking about Dramas and stuff. What an unproductive but fun math class it was yesterday. 8D

Right now I’m at the highschool’s library. Hahaha, I’m here for registering for next quarter. I got to see Panda and Mei-chan too!!! Even Yasu-kun. I’m a happy sappy now inside my heart. :)|||||

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