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You know, I remember when I was a kid I would just randomly call my friends and talk to them on the phone. I start wondering, what the heck did I talk to them about anyways? I start thinking to myself, who can I call today, randomly, and be able to talk to them for hours about nonsense and enjoy it. Not many, but I sure can name some!

Recent actual phone conversations I had would be with Mas. I guess he was pretty sad about his girlfriend that time so he called me. I found it kind of awkward that he would call his ex-girlfriend when he’s sad about his current girlfriend. I guess its a good thing that he sees me as a friend now. We could talk so naturally, it was nice. One down side to phone calls though, I’m not the type of person who can do something else while talking on the phone >__< when I’m on the phone, I just sit there… and talk to people.. nothing else. :T

Skype on the other hand I can do something else.. I wonder why. Maybe its because I don’t have to hold it up to my ear all the time? The sound quality probably has something to do with that too.

Talking about Skype, I Skype with Max and my sister all the time. Well the comfort from talking to those too is obvious right? Max and my sister might serve as Boyfriend and sister in my life, but they’re also my good friends at the same time.

Another person I recently had a Skype conversation with is my friend Hiroshi. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a voice conversation with him, it was quite nice. I’m glad we’re still able to talk about the most random stuffs xD

Friends are nice to have

Summer is nice

I should sleep its past 5 -____-

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