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Here comes mid-summer time! I feel like I haven’t been doing anything productive this summer at all … I was suppose to do so many things, with so many goals. But in the end, I end up doing things spontaneously…  again… hah. I really need to change that part of me.

Well at least 1 thing came up in my summer that shaped me up a little. I got a temporary little sister: Emi-chi!! I’m hosting a student for the first time, and overall, I think it was a good experiences. Though I was tired waking up early every morning to make breakfast for Emi (since she seems way to shy to touch anything in my house) and also making lunch for her. Not only that, I had to make sure she takes the right bus to school every morning and do volunteering job in the afternoon every now and then.

I think the hardest part was thinking of a new menu for breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, egg sandwich, omelette, PBJ sandwich, sausage sandwich, eggs and bacon .. -phew- the list goes on. Emi seems like a picky eater so I don’t know whether she likes something or not. She eats very slow and the faces she makes when she eats my food.. I can’t tell if she likes them or not ^ ^;  Of course when I asked her if she wanted to eat something else she would tell me “nono! this is very good”.. and times I asked her if there’s something she would like to eat, she would say “Anything, OK” . )x So food was probably the thing I had the hardest time with her. Though luckily I somehow found out she loves lasagna, so for dinner one day Gavin and I decided to make lasagna for dinner. For the first time I heard her say おいしい! with a smile.. and asking for seconds. I think I’m starting to understand more about  my father’s joy of feeding me food now.

Everything else went by smoothly! Though she’s not the best conversation starter, she would try to keep a conversation going if you try hard enough. Since we had quite a bit of common interests talking to her require little effort. Also, very enjoyable! I also showed her the beloved Shirokuma Cafe anime since I saw her luggage has stickers for it. I’m surprise she hasn’t seen it yet, since the day I showed it to her she would ask me to watch it like, every night. Oooh Emichi, you’re so cute >w<

The last day at the Sayonara party, after everyone sang the 卒業 song Emichi was crying )’: I got really sad. Sadly I’m not the type to shed tears in front of people easily.. no matter how sad I am. That or maybe I’m just heartless .. hah. Well, probably hugged her over ten times and took some pictures with her and all the other students..  and at the end of the party, waved bye-bye to the students on the bus driving away towards the sunset.

Hope we meet again some day.

June 2024

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