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Reading: Reflection Essay
Working on: Final English Writing Portfolio
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Watching: Scrap Teacher ep. 6

Lately, I’ve having random dreams. I guess, that’s how dreams should actually be. I usually have so many dreams that has a storyline, I’m tempted to make my a personal dream blog just for fun. Posting all my dreams here will just kill everyone, hahaha.

Well, yesterday while I was waiting to see my adviser, I discovered that tegoshi [dot] net was available to buy. Uhh…. Hondai here is very tempted to buy it. I told Ampy and she said?“What are you going to do with it? A site about him?”. Then I just went?“…”?…?“I don’t know I can post my drawings there like?Tsuki’s site. Doesn’t have to be about Tegoshi right?”.?“Don’t buy it then!”. Ouch! Ampy is right. Now, why buy such a domain name if I’m not going to use it for a purpose? But because I kept thinking about what I can do with that domain name all night, I had a dream of myself making a graphic site providing graphics of Tegoshi and NEWS members.


I barely have time or the inspiration to work on True Magic graphics! So slap me and make sure I don’t buy it. But as a thought, making a NEWS graphics and shrine website won’t be a bad idea if I do have time. o_O Maybe then, if the domain is not taken, I’ll get it.

Well, right now I’m working on my?English Portfolio. After I turn this in, I’m done for Fall Quarter! Yay!?PssstI got a?2.6?on Pre-cal I D: Is this bad? I feel like it’s bad….|||||

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