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Winter Break

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Yep! Winter break 2008 has officially start of me. Nothing interesting really. The first day, which was yesterday, I spend sleeping almost all day. It was dark and cloudy. I did my daily push-ups and I even finish creating my personal journal. Even gave the?Hoshiru Network?page a tiny revamp.

Today,?on the other hand?I got up early in the morning and head carpooled with my parents.?Ampy?had to go do some document stuff at her college. After Ampy was done with her business we went around downtown again. Seattle is such a nice city. The Holiday feeling sure was floating around. It was nice!

Then again, of course, Downtown Seattle means Kino kuniya. Kino kuniya means this month’s?Wink Up!?This time NEWS was on the cover <3 So I was happy. 😀 I haven’t plan much on what I want to do this Winter Break. I have to think of some activities out side that doesn’t evolve much money.?Hmmmmm…. now what would that be?

Also, Ampy and I have been watching this Japanese drama name?Ryuusei no Kizuna. It originally was a famous Japanese novel, now adapted to a drama. It’s a story about 3 orphan siblings who got their parent kill when they were young. 2 more weeks to the finally of the drama. I can’t wait!|||||

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