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Yesterday was Thanksgiving.. so Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! My Thanksgiving was pretty good. Had Dim Sum for lunch, best dim sum place thus far <3 and came home to start preping for dinner!

I didn’t do much of the cooking at all. Mostly cleaning the house because the guests come. And yes! This year we had a special guest ….. *drumrolls* The one and only Max! Fufufu~ Finally made him come to our family events and it went better than I thought! Though ofcourse we had awkward moments.. especially when my mom was telling him stories I told him before. Hahaha

NOW that Thanksgiving is over, it means back to homework homework homework! x_x ….. wahh.. I want to cry. This quarter hasn’t been going so well. I mean.. I’m doing pretty well in Japanese class but for my other 2 classes, especially Japanese history… so bad… very bad. I hope the curve saves me. I really really really hope it does….

Also another good news!! I got my Vindictus account unbanned Ahooo hooo hooo~! I sent a ticket to Nexon about a week ago, expecting them to reply 4-5 months later… turns out it was much much faster than I thought. Trust me, it was a miracle. Hahaha So now I’m back playing Vindictus >_< I have to admit, I still like it better than Dragon Nest… The battle system is just so so so much better. though the dungeons may seem linear sometimes, but.. I don’t know. =.=;; I just can’t get myself to be into Dragon Nest …

Well back to homework for me. I decided to update since Tsu Tsu was nudging me on Facebook to update xDD Hahaha I really should update this more often. It just gets quite difficult because more people I know in person reads this so… you get what I’m trying to say *-*

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