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Whoo hoo!

HondaiMood: Great!
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Working on: Input inventory for work. x_x
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I’m planning to blog more often. So that my blogs aren’t?ssssuuuupppperrrrr longgggggg?I mean people feel overwhelm seeing long blogs. So Hah! Plus. So my fingers don’t get tried. Hahaha

Today I felt like trying on my new shirt and so I decided to take some pictures. 🙂 Since I haven’t shown you guys my hair cut yet so I’m going to show you guys it today!

This is how my hair use to be?Here here here!
and this is what it looks like now. :)?Here here here!
Seems like my brother doesn’t really like it. .__. He said I look like Cleo Patra.?But I like it!!!?I haven’t cut my bangs like that since I was a little kid. So I really wanted it again.

Anyway, today someone really surprised me!!! I’ve never?ever?been invited by anyone to just hang out and go somewhere. I mean they do invite me but they never put efford to plan it. They just say?‘hey we should hang some time’. When I ask them when and what time. They never respond…

Then today my friend Jett invited me to go to Uwajimaya! 8D OMG! I’m happy. My brother and Ampy is going too. Because I didn’t want him to be awkward with me alone. Seemed like he wanted to go with my brother too. But then my brother said?‘what if he actually wanted only you to go’. I doubt that though. Hahahaha

June 2024

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