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I’ve been pretty busy in the past day. Finally have time to blog here. So! Last week when I said I was going to Uwajimaya with my friend Jett, it was fun. Too bad it wasn’t sunny so we seemed a little gloomy sometimes. Jett and I got a present for our friend Jessica.Photobucket?We got her a cute mug for her birthday. 🙂 Also, Amp and I got a magazine called?Wink-Up. We have became victims ofJohnny’s?Haha. One of the reason we got the magazine?Wink-up?they had a Tegomass pin up. :D?*points to the left*. I’ll admit it does make me feel embarrass when my hair is a mess in the morning and next to your mirror is your favorite idols smiling at you.?Hahaha?We even went to eat at Samurai Noodles. It was very good!!! I love it. I want to go there?again!!!?Someone treat me there.?Just kidding.

After I got home from Uwajimaya I used Shoon and Leon page in the Wink-up Magazine to be my models for a drawing I did.?Heres the link?to the drawing I did if you want to see it. It took me around 14 hours to finish. 😀 I really had fun working on it. In the end I printed out and used it as a birthday card for my friend Jessica.

On Saturday it was Jessica’s Birthday party and it was a ton of fun. We pretty much hung out and talked. I talked with alot of new people there. I discovered more fans of NewS whom were cousins of Jessica. Man I wish my cousins are close to me like that. 🙂 One of her cousins give me?death therapy?at the elementary tire swing. Hahaha, THAT was fun.

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