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My entries has been pretty boring to read. Well, my life has been pretty boring itself. Hoshiru has become pretty dull ): NO! I won’t let this continue Probably because I haven’t been visiting my blog buddies as often. Well, I haven’t been online as often either! Sorry, I’ll try harder coming online.

Well the closer we come to new year the closer we come to the end of my winter break. *sigh* ): I was actually looking forward to a more colorful and exciting Winter Break. Spending my first weeks working extra to buy a certain someone a certain item. Too bad to snow came which made our shop get less customer which means my pay check is late. I’ll probably end up getting not as much as I worked but oh well. I just hope I get enough to buy the item still.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this winter break though. Work, work, work. Can’t go anywhere because of the snow. Ahhh~~ I don’t mind working but the fact that I can’t go anywhere just sucks!

On the other hand, I’m excited for next quarter! Japanese, econ, and Pre-cal 2. Econ and Pre-cal 2 are 2 challenging classes but Japanese will be pretty laid back because I’m a little ahead in class so I think I’ll manage!

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