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Arg, I wish I could post the whole entry here but I would have to ask for “permission” which I’m too lazy to wait before my thoughts become rotten and not fresh. ANYWAY, about today’s topic:?growing up.

This year I’ve been thinking alot about how I use to be and what kind of grown up I want to be. I concluded that I want to be?mature, talented, respectful but still my playful self.?I want to change the bad parts of me and leave the good stuff to be. Last night before I went to bed I was staring at my stuffed bunny doll I had since I was 6 and thought,?“when was the last time I played dolls?”

As I randomly found a J-web translating site I found some entries Tegoshi wrote when he was 17?(around my current age). Apparently he’s been thinking about the same thing at that time. He said “To me becoming an adult is good, I’ve no bad feelings towards it at all.?But I definitely don’t want to lose the child’s heart in me.I want to always be naughty and just doing silly things all the time.Tag. Hide-and-seek. Kicking the can. Police and thief.?All these are games that children have surely played once.

The sentence that just made me very sad was?“As you turn into an adult you don’t play them anymore. It becomes no fun anymore.”?It’s sad because it’s true. Ever since 7th grade I’ve been craving to play ultimate hide and seek. But if I were to play it now, it probably won’t be as fun as I remembered.

I start thinking about not loosing my child heart. It’s fun being a child and being a child makes things fun. When we’re a kid everyday is exciting, there are many new things for us to discover. As we get older we get use to things and we start to get…. bored.

But if you try hard enough, keep reminding yourself what it’s like to have fun like a child. I think you can keep that pure heart. Tegoshi said?“I want to grow up purely”, I really want grow up a pure adult too.

Tegoshi yuya you spoke my words.As my idol works hard to become the adult he wants to be, I’m going to work hard to become the adult I want to be too.|||||

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