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​ Hawaii Vacay Day 7: Leaving on a Jet Plane

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go 🙁 Today is our last day in Hawaii. I didn’t really feel sad at the moment since I was stressing to make sure we get everything pack and make sure we make it to our flight on time.
We had the complimentary breakfast one last time, which they finally are serving breakfast sausage again today. We ran into 4ii”s family as we headed down and got to enjoy our last breakfast in Hawaii with them.

We didn’t really have much time to enjoy breakfast because I was afraid that we might have to spend a lot of time at the car rental returning the car. I heard a lot of reviews that the lines at Dollar Rental at this specific location was long so I gave it 2 extra hours.
After breakfast we head straight to our room and pack everything up, head downstairs and check out. A few family members were down there waiting for us to say their farewells. 🙁 I got a little sad because I know I won’t be seeing all of them for awhile. I also got a little sad saying goodbye to the valet parking staff because they have been such a pleasure.

We headed to the car rental right away after departing the hotel. To my surprise, the moment we arrive there was a dollar staff right outside with a tablet telling us where to park our car and ready for us to drop the car off and printed my receipt for the total amount I had to pay for the car rental. I heard a lot of bad reviews of this specific location but my personal experience with them has been great. We also had great timing because the shuttle to HNL airport had just arrive so right after dropping our car off we didn’t have to wait for the shuttle at all.
By the time we arrived at HNL, we had plenty of time left before boarding so we had some coconut macchiatos from Starbucks and chilled at the airport longer til boarding.

Chilling with Starbucks at HNL

Our flight back to Seattle is with Hawaiian airlines and I’ve heard many good things from them such as comfortable seats, good entertainment system and complimentary meal. I was kinda afraid we wouldn’t get a complimentary meal since it wasn’t mentioned on the e-boarding pass, but when we board, the onscreen announcement let us know the flight schedule, in which, includes a complimentary meal which was delicious.

View of Oahu during our takeoff

Complimentary meal and red wine that got me pretty buzzed lol
And now as I am writing this post, I’m still on the plane. We still have about 1 more hour to go before landing in SEA. This has been a good flight so far and the vacation was very enjoyable despite my stressful and emotional moments.
10/10 would do it again.
PS. I’m so glad I brought my iPad and Keyboard with me. I don’t think I’ll ever finish writing a detailed post about each day in Hawaii if I didn’t write it on the flight. These posts take longer to write than you would imagine. It’s been about 4 hours and I’m just getting done writing my last post and haven’t proof read any of it.

Anyways, mahalo for reading my posts. I know I didn’t write much in details of my trip but hope you enjoyed my Hawaii Vacay series.

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