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Hawaii Vacay Day 6: Touristy Hawaii

Today is booked with activities that the family planned out on having together. I originally felt pretty tired and a little sick to go ziplining but apparently 5ii already prepaid it and it would be a waste if we didn’t go, so I decide to suck it up and go and you know what, I’m pretty happy I went.

Everyone else took a shuttle to ziplining but since arthur and I had a rented car, we drove there with a few family members. The Ziplining we went to was a Kaula Ranch and apparently is a pretty popular location for movie filming. I don’t have any pictures for my zip lining since I had no room to bring my phone which I was kinda sad because it’s my first time ziplining and was pretty fun.

During out shuttle ride to the ziplining location, we had to stop for a good 10 minutes because they were filmingthe movie Jumanji 2. I didn’t really mind the wait though because it paid off, we got to see a huge explosion that’s part of the movie shooting;it was cool!
After ziplining we head back to the hotel and rushed to a Luau near Waimanalo Beach of Chief’s Luau. The drive to the Luau was about 40 minutes long and it was a very scenic drive which I enjoyed a lot.

Rainbow view from H1 high way drive to the Luau

Light blue sea along the east coast of Oahu.
I really wish we explored more on the east side of Oahu. Next time we come to Oahu I’ll probably be doing that for the most part. We were lucky to make it to the Luau right at 6 PM, just on time to sit down before the buffet and show starts.

Food from Chief Luau’s buffet

Live music while we enjoy the food
The food at this Luau was decent and the show was great. The man doing most of the MCing, Chief, was pretty funny. He kinda sounded like he was intoxicated LOL. I really enjoyed different polinesian dances, especially the fire spin. One of the guys doing the fire spin was incredibly fast, I was impressed! I didn’t take much pictures of the Luau because I really just wanted to sit and enjoy it.

The only picture I got from the Luau performance.
This was our last night in Oahu, and it really was a great way to end the trip. We spent our last night we slot of family members under the beautiful night sky. The weather was also very nice and breezy this night. I’m glad I went to both the Ziplining and Luau even though I’m usually not a huge fan of very touristy stuff.

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