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Feeling Bitter About Bitter Starbucks

It’s a known fact among my friends that my preference in food is… let’s just say, it’s an acquired taste. I prefer unsweetened tea, dark chocolate, black coffee, bitter melon, brussel sprouts, whatever you don’t like, put it on my plate. But one thing people don’t seem to get is when I tell them that Starbucks’ coffee is too bitter. Actually, it’s not just too bitter, it has nothing but bitterness.

I used to get Starbucks every morning before work as part of my morning routine. In search of the perfect taste for my morning coffee I adjust the # of shots and size for a variety of espresso drinks (Lattes, Mochas, Cappucinos, Breve, blah blah). Then I finally settled on 8 oz no room Americano – just espresso shots with hot water. After months of dating Starbucks’ 8 oz Americano it finally occurred to me, Starbucks Sucks.

I’m not trying to be your typical elitist Seattleites who frown upon any chain that comes up in a conversation but this is how I truly feel about Starbucks now. Starbucks’ coffee is just bitter beyond bitter (and sometimes turn sour) without any dept in the flavors what so ever. It’s no wonder people dump piles of sugar in their “Starbucks Drink” to the point where it’s now become a norm where coffee is the drink that makes you fat because of sugar overload. – say what? – I think it’s a little sad that people assume they hate coffee when they actually hate Starbucks’ coffee. I wish I could convince people to try out a local coffee shop for once. If you can choose, try one that actually knows where their coffee beans are /really/ from. Or even better, try out a local coffee shop that roasts their own coffee beans. I guarantee you’ll discover a whole new world. Here’s a recent favorite of mine only a couple blocks away from work.

A cup of love from Seattle Coffee Works down on Pike St.

Now I’m not going to stomp all over you if you were to tell me that you like Starbucks. That’s cool. I, myself, will probably continue to go to Starbucks occasionally because they’re so damn convenient. Sadly, that’s also the price Starbucks pay for becoming a massed produced product. I can go super cliche and say Starbuck’s Coffee has lost it’s loving soul. But if you think about it carefully is that really far fetched??

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