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アイムホーム (I’m Home) 2015

Staring Kimura Takuya & Ueto Aya.

Ieji Hisashi, a high profile business man, one day gets into an accident causing him to lose his memory of the past 5-6 years. After rehabilitation, he’s finally able to resume his usual life. Hisashi soon realizes his past self is a cold hearted man who lived a dishonest life, which may also be the reason he see’s his wife and son’s as masks. Using the 10 mysterious keys he has in possession, he slowly unwind his past making amends with this wrong doing hoping one day he’ll be able to see his wife and son’s face again.


Scenario: 3.5/5
Character: 3/5
Production: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5

What I liked:

I’m Home initially had an interesting scenario that captured me. A cold hearted man losing his memory and rediscovering them via the 10 keys he have. Losing memory of his past 5-6 years, he became more kind hearted but he has very little memory of his current wife and child thus, seeing their faces as masks.

The most interesting aspect of this series is the question “why does he see his wife and son’s face as masks?” I never realized it but… to be able to read someone’s expression is extremely important toward how you read and react to them. Although kind words were said and kind actions are done, I couldn’t help but feel that Ieji was doing all of it out of obligation. You can feel that he had sincere care of his family of his previous marriage but with his current marriage it felt stiff.

Though I do love the Past Ieji vs Current Ieji discussions. Very good acting by Kimura. And the last scene with the smiles got my kokoro kyun! I also thought it was kinda funny how Aya Ueto’s face looks so small in comparison to Kimura’s lol… I know I criticized it a lot but I still think it’s worth a watch if you’re looking for dramas with the keyword family, adult issues, self rediscovery and mystery.

What I didn’t like:

Unfortunately, the series does not dig deeply into the issues it raises as much as I hoped. We found out past Ieji was a bad person, current Ieji felt as if he doesn’t deserve wife so he decides to leave home, house catches on fire, Ieji went to save wife from fire, both were sent to emergency room but survived, both can now see each other’s face. The End.

Wait, what just happened? Who set the fire? Why did the accident happened in the first place? How was Ieji released from prison and how long was he even arrested for? It all happened just because??? I don’t know, I just felt like the fire at the end just happened so Ieji and his wife has a reason to cry, kiss and makeup.. that could have been better.


This series is worth watching if you’re looking for some supernatural, mystery, but not off the chart serious. Overall the series was very mellow so it definitely did feel a bit filler like. I would probably forget about this story in no time.

Good enough to watch, but not memorable enough to remember.

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