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Year of 2016

Year 2016 must be the year where the stars are aligned in the most unfortunate way. I didn’t think it was a such a bad year until towards the end of the year where everything felt like it was falling apart. With that said though, It was actually not a horrible year for me personally.

January: I spent most of my January of 2016 playing MapleStory. I was a NEET, Not in Education, Employment, or Training, I was just home playing games living off my limit savings. I stressed out wondering when I can start on my next chapter of my life. We had plans on moving, but there wasn’t a set date as to when. Although I was stress as to when to move, I was guilty for enjoying my NEET lifestyle: pigging out of fast food, gaming all day, sleeping when ever I want, waking up when ever I want. Though I was also sad with all the ups and down in my relationship. I was probably in my lowest point in my life since high school at this moment. I gained so much weight, I felt like I’ve lost all my friends, I look at myself and all I see is a useless and boring person

February: The time to move has finally come. I was scared to move forward but at the same time I was excited to go back home in Washington State. I visit San Francisco one last time and also hung out with my good friend Jin. I really wish we could hang out more often because it’s so much fun talking to him. He has a very interesting insight on things but I don’t talk to him so well via text and stuff so we just Snap each other occasionally. Oh well, it’s good to know I have a friend. By now, I also realize that there are still people out there who find me entertaining enough to befriends with. I call these people my Toronto friends(since their entire friend group lives in Toronto.) I originally met them through Victoria, a girl I met on Maple. Life was at a low point but I started to see a ray of hope. Moving plans did not go as expected, it was pushed to March.

March: March rolled by and this time for sure, we packed out bags and stuffed it in the 2001 Honda Prelude. I was feeling kinda shy to move back home but the fact that 2 of my other siblings were also unemployed(by choice) at the time, I wasn’t as embarrassed to go home. I started to feel that moving to CA was a mistake in my life. Looking back at it now though, I’ve learn a lot, grown a lot and all in all, I matured since then so it was not a mistake at all. The 13 hour drive was long, but I did not mind it at all

April: April was the mark of an end of a period of my life. I was contemplating for a long time what I want to do in my life but it all settled in April. I decided to ride the flow and just see where life takes me. My main goal was to find a job and rebuild myself as a person. I lost all my unique hobbies and almost got assimilated into the general mass. NO! Resistance is not fertile. I will not join the Borgs. Anyways, I was done with trying new stuff and my goal is to make a living for now. So I went job hunting I applied for anything and I was happy enough to get any interview…I was okay with being a salary man… as long as I don’t forget who I am on my free time. Your job is not what makes you; you are who you make yourself to be.

May: After job hunting for the entire April, I finally landed a job offer! For the first time in my life I landed a full time job on my very own willpower and ability. I had to force myself outside of my comfort zone and used any reference possibly and it was worth it. I landed my current job and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

June – August: By the time I reached July, I felt a lot more comfortable with my work. I started making plans for Hawaii since Arthur’s aunt is getting married there in October. Not only that I got to reconnect with my friends, I also reconnected with myself. I didn’t even realize I lost myself until I found myself doing more stuff that I used to do (eg. watching anime, listening to music, writing blogs, taking random trips on the bus) these stuff seem insignificant but they’re actually a big part that makes me.

Septermber: This was a very slow month for work. All my Hawaii plans for October has been set so I spend my down time at work reading Wikipedia. Then I ran into the saddest news: SMAP will be disbanding at the end of this year. This news got my heart sinking. If you all follow my blog since 2008 or so, you know how much I love SMAP. To Americans, they probably just look like overage ‘boyband’ but to me they were my hero. Ever since SMAP has come into my life I had the courage to be myself and love who I am. I said my farewells, and maybe one day I’ll see them again.

October: Yay! I spend the first week of October in Hawaii. It’s my first time taking Vacation since I got my job at The Q. Hawaii was great, you can read my blog posts about it under the Travel tag. A week after my Hawaii trip I woke up the morning of Oct 13 with sad news, The King of Thailand has passed away.

King Bhulmibol’s passing was something that was somewhat expected, yet at the same time it was an extremely strange feeling. He’s been there all my life, heck, he was a living legend. He has his portrait on all forms of Thai currency, he has a holiday after him, songs about him, documentaries, history books, you name it. When I got the news that our king has passed away I felt grief and uneasyness. No one in our generation knows what it’s like to have a new king. In our history books, a new king was like a new era- everything changes. Of course in modern day Thailand it’s probably much different because the king is no longer someone who rules that country.

I had great respect for King Bhumibol. In fact, he was my topic for my public speaking speech while I was in college. Little did I realize that speech is probably considered “controversial” in Thailand but bleh, what isn’t controversial in Thailand anymore.

November & DecemberI was pretty hyped about the Elections this year but results of the general election got me very down. I finally got my mind all sorted out regarding this matter by December, but I still have to live with it for the next 4 years. All I can do is hope for the best. Christmas was great this year, I got to fly down to Sacramento without taking days off because we got a long weekend anyways. I love it.

In conclusion, 2016 was personally not that bad for me. I moved back to Washington, got a new job, rediscovered myself, went to Hawaii for the first time, reconnected with many people I neglected in the past, ETC. Although it wasn’t the best, it felt like a stepping stone towards a great year. So I hope 2017 would be a marvelous one.

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