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I can’t believe summer is ending already. This summer went by so fast, I felt like I didn’t get to do anything at all. Though originally my goal this summer was to greatly improve my Japanese.. some how it never happened. Bad Hondai, bad!

Well my summer did have its phases. First would be going to California to see my long time friend Tsuki! It was my first time traveling somewhere with Max and my first time going to California since I was 3. It was a lot of fun! We went to an anime convention in Anaheim and did other many things like Bowling and visited UCR (I was melting that day..)! The best part though is being able to chat with Tsu and watch her draw! I was always amazed by her pencil art @_@ Ps. That sushi place near by Tsu’s place is darn good sushi too!

Then comes the return of Ampy and hosting Emichi! Ampy is home >__< it feels so weird that she’s home now. Though a lot has changed since she’s not sleeping in our old room anymore, this room became fully mine. Not that I mind, I get the biggest personal bed room out of everyone else. Huehue I don’t really get to see her much though since she started working again. Also the fact that she now has a boyfriend, so she’s busy seeing him too.

Now comes the end of summer. Of course the usual, I spend most of my summer hanging out with Max and some of my other friends here and there. I also started playing GuildWars2! SIts  been release for maybe about a month(?), but I’m already playing it less and less. I reached max level and there isn’t much to do besides WvW, PvP and farming money up to make yourself armor. I’m never really the type to grind away for armor (but I would grind for level ups any day lol), so now I don’t really have the motivation to go on. Good bye $60? Probably not. I might go on more when I feel like it. As for now? Not much. I just feel like doing other things before summer ends.

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