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I rant so much about it on Twitter. I wrote so much about it on notepad. I wrote, thought, cry, and expressed myself in so many ways about how I feel about SMAP’s disbandment. The closer it got to the end of the year, the closer it became a reality to me. When I wake up tomorrow and the clock strikes midnight in Japan that’s when SMAP will officially become part of the past. And I’ll admit it I’m extremely sad.

After writing so much about it, I think I’ll keep this farewell message short.

I want to thank everyone who is a part of SMAP and help made them who they are today. I’m glad I discovered them when I did. I found the happiness I lost and I started  loving myself ever since I met SMAP. I started accepting myself for who I am and believing that uniqueness is what makes you, you. Because of SMAP I pushed myself to learn Japanese beyond what’s on the textbook, and understand Japan’s entertainment industry beyond Anime, Manga and Dramas. I want to thank them for truly brightening up my life and being the bridge for me to discover many other wonderful things in life.

Thank you for being there for me for the past 9 years. Hope to see you again one day.

June 2024

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