All I need is Amp

Amp and I are half way on Code Geass the 1st season! I’m really liking the story. My favorite character so far? Hmmm… probably Lelouch. I thought I would have liked Suzaku better but something about Suzaku bugs me. But if I were to judge look wise? Suzaku wins. lololol let’s not talk about that cuz Tegoshi wins all. XP Actually

Sorry for making everyone worry about me all the time. I’m having ups and downs huh. Maybe I’m PMSing. Haha… I’m a strange girl though I don’t get my periods that often. I get them like once in 3 months. My first of the year just started today. Surprise!

Seems like I’m getting distracted so easily lately. I wonder off from Twitter to PNG searching to anime theme songs to new singles to Utada Hikaru to games to Maple Story to BoA to SEAMO to NEWS to Tegomass to Tegoshi to Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q! to Becky to SMAPxSMAP…. This is what happens when you have Youtube and Google. o_O

Ps. I started playing Maple Story again because I got tired of ‘trying’ with my rl friends. They don’t seem to care much so, oh well, the maple life really suits me now. I still playing on Hondai124 🙂 I even revived TrueMagic[guild] too. Now I’m level 52 and at 72% >:D I’m trying to beat someone on leveling. She’s 55 and around 64% right now. She doesn’t know I went back to play though. Hahahaha|||||

HondaiMood: Great!
Listening to: want you DARLING – Abe Mao
Eating: ~ dinner soon 🙂
Reading: Gakuen Alice
Working on: True Magic Graphics
Browsing: MS rankings
Watching: Code Geass ep. 14

June 2024

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