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ACNL: Pathing Hoshido

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Last weekend Mayor Belle invite me over to her town, Slayer, to see some shooting stars. This is my second time visiting Slayer and it is super pretty! I hope Hoshido can be as pretty one day. This visit to Slayer we mostly just chilled around town and went to the tropical island! We did 1 round of the Fishing Tour at the island but since I only have beginner tours unlock it was too easy.. lol! I’ll just share some pictures Belle sent me from my visit (๑°꒵°๑)

Making a wish with Mayor Belle in Slayer
Mayor Belle Exorcising me before I’m allowed in town (lol jk)

After seeing Slayer realized that I probably should put paths down to shape up Hoshido since I unlocked the QR code scanner. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing on Animal Crossing lately. Laying paths in AC is extremely tedious because I’m laying them down one by one. I have no idea if there’s a faster way of doing this. I’m going to feel so silly if there is haha. Also, I don’t have enough pattern slots on my Mayor character so now there are blank spots. I thought I’d be okay because I have a 2nd human character in town but NOPE. You have to be-friend Sabel on the new human character so… Now my town has sidewalks with patches of grass orz

Hole in the sidewalk? Idk what you’re talking about
We still love Hoshido… Right Cobb?
Seriously Kitty? Out of all catch phrases you had to take it from Cobb’s lol

Then again, it’s little things like this that you have to work on in Animal Crossing that makes it so rewarding. After place paths in town I can start planning out where I want to put some major public work projects.

I’m so excited to see Hoshido grow more!!


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