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NieR: Automata- thoughts so far

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I finally got the chance to sit down and play NieR: Automata.(I had it on Steam since launch day!) So far I like the game a lot more than I thought I would. To be honest, I don’t think I’m much of an RPG type of gamer. It’s either a big hit or big miss. I don’t enjoy grinding for gear nor am I much of a collector when it comes to games. Considering how Nier has gotten me hook enough I want to keep playing but can’t because I have work tomorrow, that’s a good sign.

I’m really digging the post apocalyptic setting and the conversations between 2B and 9S is entertaining while you run through the map. I read some guy’s review on steam that he feels nothing for the character because they’re bland. I got to disagree and I’m GLAD I disagree. 9S keeps things upbeat while 2B is the kuudere/serious type. But my favorite thing about the game so far is probably the robots. They’re so creepy cute ♡ Oh and you can’t forget about the game’s amazing scenery. I wasn’t expecting the amusement park after climbing out of a sewer from the desert so this moment was pretty screenshot worthy. Pretty much what I’m saying is, I have nothing but good things to say about the game so far.

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