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-___-;; Today, my official first day of break, I woke up with a very bad mood. Well, I was in a good mood for awhile when we we’re eating but then my parents just had to ruin it.

While my mom and my dad are talking about work, I was sitting at my computer going “lalala~” coding a layout for True Magic’s update. My brain was sparkling with inspiration that I want to make more graphics! Then the next thing I know my dad ask me “Oh! You have no school this week right?” >.> I sense the situation… I know what’s coming… well, I had to answer honestly, “Yeah…” “Alright then!”… end of conversation.

I’m scheduled to work an extra 2 days, Monday and Tuesday of this week. So my REAL break starts on Wednesday. Then my break goes Tues, Thur, Fri, then I have work again on Sat. After Sat it’s crappy Sunday again (I hate Sundays). Then Monday, first day of Spring Quarter. Arg, What’s the point of this break anyway??? I rather not even have one because whenever I can expect a break, this is what I get. Work. It’s either school or work. I’ll be honest “I’m fricken tired god dammit!!!!!”

Stupid school, stupid work, stupid economy, stupid George Bush, stupid 24 hour system. Maybe I’ve been trying to hard about pleasing my parents. Pleasing my sister. Pleasing my friends offline who doesn’t even care. Doing my best at school. Offering work without complaining to my parents. Baring with my sister’s problems without complain to her about it. Hearing my mom complaining about everything in her life to me. I have enough of it. Of everything. I don’t want to do anything now. When my grades come out, I’m not going to hear my mom praising me for getting a 4.0 on Japanese but her asking me “What is it that you don’t understand?” for getting a 2.5. Like hell do you even know how hard I work to get that 2.5… that 80%.

This is not who I’m suppose to be…. Hoshiru became my ranting place with no stories of Joy. Oh actually, I have one. NEWS is coming out with a new single on April 29th! Yay~……….. koi no ABO… the name of the song………. -__- even with news on NEWS I’m not in a mood of going happy happy go go.|||||

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